290 Brickyard Point Road South

Church Business Administrator

BEAUFORT, SC Part-time
Posted on January 4, 2019

Tidal Creek Fellowship is seeking a part-time (32 hours/week) church business administrator for general management & oversight of HR, finance & accounting, banking, building & ground upkeep, legal, information technology. Salary range 35,000-45,000 based on experience.

Tidal Creek Fellowship is located on Lady’s Island and is a non-denominational church that exists to share the life we have discovered in following Jesus.

Job Responsibilities include the following:
General Management & HR
> Staff Supervision: Communicate regularly and provide guidance as required to all seven (7) direct reports including Worship Minister, Student Minister, Children's Ministry Director, Life Group Minister, Accounting Manager, Maintenance Manager and Administrative Assistant.
> Maintain employee files, process new employees, provide them with all necessary equipment to perform their work and provide training and support as needed.
> Establish yearly Strategic Planning Session with ongoing quarterly checks to insure follow through on all assigned tasks.
> Establish goals and objectives for all ministries and staff with regular follow up to insure pursuit of completion of goals.
> Establish and maintain job descriptions and responsibilities for all ministries and staff positions.
> Establish and maintain a performance evaluation process for all staff and ministry positions that utilizes a review of attainment of established goals and objectives while successfully meeting all job responsibilities.
> Hold weekly staff meetings to coordinate all activities of the church including worship, administration, student & children's ministry, Life Groups and volunteer needs.

Finance & Accounting
> Maintain relationship with our insurance agent providing worker's compensation, general liability, water, wind and hail insurance coverage. Provide for a yearly review of coverage and a competitive review from other sources.
> Preparation and regular monitoring of our yearly operating budget including revenue (giving) and operating expenses throughout the church.
> Responsible for the staffing of our Finance Team to assist our staff in the preparation and close monitoring of our annual budget . Also, assigned as a standing member of the Finance Team along with our Lead Pastor.
> Prepare monthly Profit and Loss statements, Cash Flow statements and Balance Sheets for review and discussion with the Lead Pastor, Elders and staff members.
> Responsible for security and control of all giving including weekly service collections, direct deposits, on-line giving through our CCB database (Blue Pay) and giving through our website and Share Faith.

> Maintain the relationship with our bank including the oversight of four (4) checking/savings accounts and one (1) loan account.
> Responsible for the control and management of our credit and debit cards issued through our bank and issued to our church staff and ministers for their budgeted expenses.

Building & Grounds
> Staffing of the Building & Grounds Team responsible for maintaining physical upkeep and improvements of the church buildings and grounds including the roads, parking lots and playground.
> Responsible for the maintenance and update of our video surveillance equipment and software in all area of the church property.
> Staffing and continuous training of the Safety Team which is active at all church services and functions.
> Responsible for the church-wide internet connectivity and wi-fi capabilities critical to our communications and worship services.
> Responsible for all utility maintenance and repairs including water service, electric, HVAC, septic, pest control, outdoor electric signage and lighting, yearly indoor sprinkler inspection, burglar and fire alarms, fire extinguishers, health and safety equipment and carpet cleaning.
> Maintain and control the distribution of keys for offices and buildings including the maintenance of a key log record.

> Keep Tidal Creek Fellowship legal at all times by staying current on all legal and tax changes for churches via email and website notices, then notify the appropriate persons at TCF of rule changes.
> Administrator for our relationship with Intellicorp who provides background checks on all staff and volunteers and must be updated every three (3) years.
> Manage the church excess properties to prepare for future sale when appropriate.

Information Technology
> Administrator for our G-Mail account, adding or deleting addresses and maintaining the integrity of our email system with anti-virus software.
> Administrator for the TCF Financial Management system (Quick Books) to support the work of our accounting manager who input data and runs all financial reports.
> Administrator for Community Church Builder (CCB) which is our TCF database of all church members. As such, maintain control of all users, confidential information, add and delete users, regular clean-up of data, and run reports as needed.
> Administrator of Drop Box, our shared files cloud database for use by all staff. Add and delete users, maintain data integrity and develop new files as required.
> Administrator for PCI Cardpoint which is our safety check on our payment network with quarterly scans to insure the integrity of the processing of all electronic giving transactions.