Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor

Hilton Head Public Service District   Hilton Head, SC   Full-time     Manufacturing / Production / Operations
Posted on September 7, 2021


Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor

Hilton Head PSD is seeking an experienced and qualified wastewater treatment professional to serve as its Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor.

This position has primary responsibility for all PSD wastewater treatment operations and personnel, is the designated operator in charge for regulatory purposes for the 6.4 mgd WWTP, and is responsible for the utility meeting all state and federal reclaimed water quality and discharge permit requirements. A-level biological wastewater license and associate’s degree or better in related field preferred.

Benefits include State Health and State Retirement.



About Us:

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a state of the art water and sewer public utility, held as a model of excellence.

Mission Statement

Hilton Head Public Service District’s mission is to:

  1. Provide high quality drinking water, wastewater treatment and recycled water services to present and future customers;
  2. Deliver those services in a cost-effective, equitable, sustainable and timely manner;
  3. Maintain sensitivity to the water and recycled water needs of the community;
  4. Contribute to the improvement of public health and the environment; and
  5. Serve as a platform for enabling economic development.

Strategic Goals

Goal No. 1 – Water Services: Meet all of our customers’ water supply needs with the highest quality water possible in a cost-effective manner.

Goal No. 2 – Recycled Water Services: Provide for all of the District’s wastewater collection, treatment and recycled water distribution services in a cost-effective manner while enhancing and protecting the Island’s environment.

Goal No. 3 – Environmental and Sustainability: Operate in a sustainable manner with high regard for protecting and improving the environment.

Goal No. 4 – Customer Satisfaction: Direct all activities to achieve a consistently high level of customer satisfaction.

Goal No. 5 – Financial Responsibility: Conduct all District activity in a fiscally responsible manner.

Goal No. 6 – Organizational Excellence and Leadership: Achieve organizational excellence and leadership.

Goal No. 7 – Asset Management: Acquire, maintain, protect and secure the District’s property, databases, plant and equipment assets (investment in the future).

Goal No. 8 – External Relations: Develop, expand and leverage the District’s positive relationships with external organizations, utilities and governments.